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Identity Chooser

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Currently, the font or text color of a new mail window, for the "To / Cc / Bcc" fields needs to be more readable, especially when many are color blind to red.

The "Subject" field box, please change the text color to black, the default color. It is very hard to read with a grey or light grey, which is a bad choice for accessibility - readability reasons.

Text Shadow for the toolbar add-on. Again light text color with white text shadow make it very hard to read. Lessen the spread of the text shadow, use darker shadow color with the light text color. You can also use Text shadow to create a text stroke (see here for the info: ).

Dark text color to light backgrounds and Light text color to dark backgrounds is the best for correct readability and contrast.

Basically make things easily readable in all cases, it will look far more professional.

This fix can either come as a feature so we can change the text color or you can reset it properly in your next update.

3 stars because of this issue.

Diese Bewertung wurde für eine vorherige Version des Add-ons (1.9.3) abgegeben. 

Saved Password Editor

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First, this is a decent login-password manager, but it has one Con to it. Hence the 3 star and not 4 or 5.

It cannot save login information when the login form is located in a sub-folder or when a website is located in a sub-folder. This means if a person owns several websites all located in sub-folders of his main Domain URL, this password editor won't work.


By default FireFox saves per the main domain URL ignoring any sub-folders.

This con makes it impossible to use a password editor or password manager to auto login to websites located in sub-folders. It cannot distinguish between the URL sub-folders.

Not all websites have their own domain names when installed in sub-folders. I have several WordPress installs on my main website for demo purposes and do not want to create new domain names for each install. This is why I needed a password manager that can distinguish between login forms based on URL's that contain sub-folders locations. And for higher security, each install login has different user names and passwords.

Maybe you can install that feature? - to be able to save login information per the URL and not restrict it to the main domain name.

Aug 19 / reply to Daniel:
The function of your extension is much the same, albeit some differences with another extension I downloaded and it works great. It provides "Add Secure Login Bookmark" and with that I was able to specify a subfolder for the login page, one for each WordPress subfolder domain site I have on my main domain. So yes it can work and even in FIreFox saved password editor that comes with it by default actually shows the subdomains that belong to each login.

I did not mention that extension here on purpose, but wanted to say, Yes its possible and beside that bookmark feature does pretty much the same as your extension.

Yes, it uses a work around, but whatever works.

Diese Bewertung wurde für eine vorherige Version des Add-ons (2.9.6) abgegeben. 

Jesus Messiah

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I gave a 2 rating because of one major flaw, the text menu on this theme is hard to read, especially for older people. White text on a light background is always a major No-No for web design and that includes browser themes.

Suggest either give the option to users to change the text color to what they want, or for this theme alone, use "black" text.