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Speed Dial

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I love this add-on! This along with NewsFox have allowed me to hide the Bookmarks Toolbar because all my RSS and main links are nicely tucked away, but still easily accessible. Speed Dial especially has allowed me to reclaim screen real estate, and I don't have to go clicking through the Bookmarks menu. I love all the options for changing things, too.

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Just what I was looking for! I can have a clean preview of just the article, or I can view it on the actual web page. Not bloated, intuitive design. The only interface suggestion I would make so far is to have the "Add feed" button come before the "Add group", since I never use groups but I add feeds quite often. Another minor, picky, tiny point: the icon for the whole add-on (the fox with a book/newspaper) is a bit too complicated and unintuitive when I'm using small icons and it's on my toolbar.

Edit: ooh, just discovered that I don't know how to copy the URL of an article. I tried right-clicking on the article title the right-hand, upper pane (the most intuitive place, IMO), but there's no "Copy" option. This would be a great feature.

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