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Identity Chooser

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Like other users said, I second this:

"Like a number of people here, (and probably a good many who don't post reviews) please consider making it compatible with TT DeepDark. It certainly wouldn't be reasonable 'support' every theme out there, but in this case, TT DeepDark is a 'Featured' theme and one of the most popular dark themes available. Please consider working with the TT DD maintainer to resolve the issues."

I needed to "hack" with my own extension, but after some new Thunderbird/TT DD/IndentityChooser upgradings, it needs again to be processed and repaired.

The main problems are all in the composewindow:
- address cell with light gray background over light gray foreground font colors.
- blury identitfy text

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I have been using this addon almost since I started using TB. Now, suddenly, It does not work.

Any way to contact the developer? I cannot see any other alternative to this.

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