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imeem search plugin

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Recently I could not search on Imeem with other languages such as Japanese, Korean, etc. But with this tool, now I can search with these languages. But I also want to search artist(creater of music) too.


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I am Korean ogame user. I used it and it was very comfortable. However, recently, the korean ogame domains are blocked.


and [kr.ogame2.com] this is the one remain in korea now. Can you make it work in these address?


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It is strange. I installed it and acciedntally I changed something to become things into grey color. I tried to restore it and i uninstalled it. However, i could not solve the problem and i decied to install it again. but it says this version does not work in firefox 3.0.5 and i can not restore my brouser. can you solve me this problem?

ps, i already saw faq