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I've been a huge fan of Cookie Culler because it allows you to selectively make individual cookies permanent and delete all the others when you close your browser. This is VERY powerful. CookieKeeper seems to be a successor, and it does the same thing but better. It even imports permanent cookies from Cookie Culler. And you can delete non-permanent cookies anytime, another powerful feature that allows you to stop some monitoring by websites without closing your browser. Try that at, for example.

It gets five stars, but it could be better. I"d like to see sites with permanent cookies listed separately from sites without any permanent cookies. And at least one permanent cookie imported from Cookie Culler didn't work right for some reason, but it was easily fixed. I'd also like an option for a menu item on the tool bar like Cookie Culler.

Oddly, it is hard to find this add-on at the Mozilla site. Searching by name doesn't bring it up on the first screen. Just keep scrolling until you find it.

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Instant Payday Loans Online

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There's really an add-on for payday loans? Sleazy, deceptive, usurious payday loans.

Toolbar Buttons

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I was bummed that this stopped working with recent versions, but I followed Robin's advice (thank you!) to add the Add-On Compatibility Reporter. Now it works. This makes little sense to me, but I am happy to be able to restore my familiar buttons.

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