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/r/CFB Easy Flair Изисква рестартиране

Easily insert flair into /r/CFB posts with a shorthand system.

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1-click Online Document View Изисква рестартиране

Open DOC, DOCX, PDF, PPT, PPTX and TIFF files linked in any webpage directly with Google Docs viewer using "1-click Online Document View", with a single left-click of your mouse / trackpad!!

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3e Calendar Изисква рестартиране

Adds support for 3e calendars

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About Add-ons Изисква рестартиране

Adds an About button to extensions, themes, and languages in the Add-ons list.

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About Startup

Displays startup timings

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About:about Button

A button that lists all the about pages that exist. Some of these pages are also provided as separate buttons.

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Adds an about:addons-memory page that details add-on memory usage

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about:addons-memory 2016

Adds a new page that shows add-on memory usage

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about:config Button

Open about:config to change hidden settings that cannot be edited from the Options window. All Mozilla based programs have settings that can not be changed in the options window.

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A full featured color selector tool, to work with colors, and easily find the colors you want.

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Active Stop Button Изисква рестартиране

Stop gif animation with button, context menu or Esc key

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Add Search Engines for SeaMonkey Изисква рестартиране

Add missing search-engine detection to SeaMonkey

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Add-on Preferences Button

Displays a menu that allows you to open the option/preference window for any add-on that has one.

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Add-ons Button

Opens the Add-ons window to perform tasks on your installed Extensions, Themes, Plug-ins and Language packs.

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Add-ons Manager Context Menu Изисква рестартиране

Add more items to Add-ons Manager context menu.

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Add-ons Sync Prefs

Adds Add-ons Sync Preferences to SeaMonkey 2.8

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Addons Manager Hilite

Remembers last selected (hilited) extension/theme/plugin/userstyle in Add-ons Manager. Version 3.0 also includes sorting buttons. Turn off/on the add-on selection list box and/or fine tune behavior via its Options.

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Addons Memory Usage - Button Изисква рестартиране

Add toolbar button for about-addons-memory-pm

But not only, also provide shortcuts for :

- Free Memory (needs free memory button)
- Abouts list page (about:about)
- Plugins page (about:plugins)


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Addons Quick Search Изисква рестартиране

Type first letters of add-on name to find them in the list or press Ctrl+↑/↓ to switch between add-ons categories.
Additionally remember and restore last selected item in each list.

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Addons Recent Updates Изисква рестартиране

Show more addons recent updates

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