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Signature Switch

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I've disabled it in order to get my default signature block above the quoted text. Thunderbird allows it. One would think Signature Switch could do the same. And yes I've read the FAQs.

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manofcrowd's post is referring to maxVersion which Char101 already pointed out. I was referring to a change to minVersion in addition to maxVersion. When you say "works", have you tried editing a preference under "Tools/Add-on Options/FiltaQuilla"?

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While Beardie's and Char101's changes do allow it to run, the Add-on Options dialog box for FiltaQuilla is broke. There is no way to save changes to preferences (one must use Alt-F4 just to close out the dialog box). Anybody have a fix for that?

Also, I found that changing line 16 (min version) in install.rdf from 3.0b3pre to 45.0 allows for the extension to run when extensions.strict Compatibility is reset back to true.

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