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加入日期 Jan. 9, 2015
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Thanks for reviving this plugin.
And also thanks to Christian Eyrich for creating it of course!!!
TB should already have had this build-in.

I was searching for something like this for a long long time.
Dunno why it never popped up in searches (though, I never thought of using the keyword 'toggle').


The code in this version (0.5.1) has not really changed compared to the original version made by Christian Eyrich, except for three lines where a 'for in' statement is replaced with a 'for of' statement. Other than that, and the house-holding stuff of course, everything else is just a copy-paste.

'for of' is better and a bit safer, but other than that has no effect at all on upwards compatibilty I think? Makes me wonder if the original version is actually incompatible, or if it would be just a matter of updating the compatibility flags to include later clients.



Locale = nl
Description = Voegt de mogelijkheid toe om berichtmarkeringen 'Beantwoord', 'Doorgestuurd' en 'Geheradresseerd' te wijzigen.
Label Replied = Als beantwoord
Label Forwarded = Als doorgestuurd
Label Redirected = Als geheradresseerd

此意見為舊版本 (0.5.1) 的附加元件。