Shaun of the Dead


名稱 Shaun of the Dead
地點 Trinidad
職業 Webdev + Photographer
加入日期 Nov. 29, 2017
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This plugin (and, to a lesser extent, 'Show All Body Parts') has become an almost essential part of my Thunderbird use and of managing my flow of information to clients. I love how easy and how intuitively it fits into my email workflow; It's clear that solid thought and time went into its integration.

I recommend it 100% to any other Thunderbird user.

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Show All Body Parts

評分: 5 / 5 顆星

Yes! Thank you for making this!

I love this addon! It solves an ongoing challenge I've had for years when trying to code multipart emails, let alone it allows me to save all the inline attachments and photographs from email senders who don't know better.

Thank you!

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評分: 3 / 5 顆星

I'm still looking and hoping to find my ideal calendar and planning solution and have tried a few different apps and services in the past.

While not perfect, Lightning did come close. For Ubuntu, it's been the best I've found so far, for certain.

As of September 2018 on Thunderbird 52, Lightning did show a few glitches and bugs here and there; all minor. The most common for me happens when trying to delete more than one instance of a repeating task at the same time. It does have a tendency to be a bit laggy at times too, but that might be because I, in particular, stuffed it with quite a lot of information.

But that gets me to my current concern: I've come to rely on Lightning quite a lot to keep my days organised. As of Thunderbird 60, Lightning support seems to be lagging behind. This is a big issue for me, and my workaround might be to directly view the SQLite database for now, all the while hoping for the releases of Lightning to catchup.

I hope it can. Good job so far, guys. Donations to Mozilla sent, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we're back in action for Thunderbird 60 soon!

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