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Search abandonware games in Abandonia.

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Linux Magazine


This search addon doesn't work.


It doesn't work currently, it seems the search url changed since this addon was made.

jQuery Documentation


Having these kind of search addons surely saves a lot of time when developing. Excelent!

Java API


it surely will save me some typing!

IP Geolocation Search


Type the IP address and it will show you what country it is from. The website that shows the info is in Japanese, but if all you want to know is where the IP is from, you need no knowledge of the language, it's all clear.

Internet Archive Search


Working perfectly by today on firefox 16. The Internet Archive is AWESOME. So much nostalgia seeing again sites I visited when I was a child, like download dot com or altavista. Search 1.2


Very interesting window to the Indian culture. Said by a Chilean man very curious of different cultures.

LyricsBlog Search Lyrics


There were many songs I didn't find. The addon works as expected, but the website is not very good.


The addon works just as expected, but there were many many songs I could find on the website, so I think the website (and therefore this addon) is not worthy. Search


It uses the in forum search engine of the site, that is not very effective. A general search through any major web search engine certainly give better results. I don't recommend it to anyone.

Google Images


Seeing people saying some time ago it didn't worked, just want to report it's working perfectly by now on my firefox 16.

Stack Overflow


It does its job pretty well and saves me some typing.

DuckDuckGo (HTTPS / SSL)


Excellent search engine. I recently discovered it and now I use it almost exclusively. I will recommend it to everyone I know (specially when they complain about other search engines). The only weak point is that it gives precedence to English language pages when the search phrase is language neutral, despite languages settings, but i can forgive that for the good quality overall.

这个评论是针对附加组件的一个早期版本的(20120317)。 Torrent Search


Good torrent finder. Just don't pay attention to the fake sponsored torrents.

Excel solutions for business


Very functional add on, the results of the search I scanned are good quality, though I have only downloaded a few that are free (many of the results are paid stylesheets)

Diccionario panhispánico de dudas


Hoy por hoy y con Firefox 16 está funcionando perfectamente, así que es muy recomendable a cualquiera que tenga alguna duda con el uso de alguna palabra o expresión en idioma español.

Conjugador Onoma


Funciona perfecto. Sólo hay que poner el verbo en infinitivo (mirar, comer, reír, etc), y muestra la conjugación completa. Incluso acepta formas con "se" al final, como por ejemplo "buscarse".

Berilium - Torrents Search


The only thing that this thing does is sending you to a webpage with a search box which shows random links to a bunch of other websites no matter what you type in. It doesn't does what it says and is absolutely useless.