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Terrific theme been using it a long time.

Since the latest update v10.0.1, sometimes down the left hand pane, clicking on a inbox/folder whatever and the title goes dark. Clicking somewhere else rectifies the problem. Doesn't make it unusable but is a tad annoying.


Thanks steva. I'll follow your instructions & report back with my findings.

Appears that the addon 'Color Folders' is the culprit. I should've followed your instructions before I posted this. Keep up the good work. Excellent theme.

Цей відгук для попередньої версії додатку (10.0.1).  Цей користувач має інші відгуки про цей додаток.

Thanks for the feedback. On my computer (running Win7 64 bit and the latest TB) I didn't notice any title going dark once clicked. Could you please send me a screenshot by using the support link beside the add-on description. If you will use it, don't forget to provide the needed informations (see add-on description for it).