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Verzia 38.9 KiB Funguje s Firefox 1.5 - 56.*, SeaMonkey 2.0b1pre - 2.2a1pre

2011/03/24 - 3.1.1
  • [Bug #278] On Firefox 4 and SeaMonkey 2.1, the extension XPI will no longer unpack upon install.
  • [Bug #280] Improved support for the Firefox Private Browsing feature.
  • [Bug #283] The URL Flipper menu has been relocated to the Tools menu.
  • [Bug #285] Added cs-CZ translation from BabelZilla.
  • [Bug #291] The zero-padding width is now automatically updated as needed if a manual navigation changes the index width.
  • [Bug #294] Addressed a compatibility issue with the latest trunk nightlies.

Verzia 37.5 KiB Funguje s Firefox 1.5 - 5.*, SeaMonkey 2.0b1pre - 2.1b3

2011/03/22 - 3.1.0
  • [Bug #141] The hashes of URL patterns will no longer be saved if Private Browsing is active.
  • [Bug #162] The URL Flipper options dialog can now be accessed from the URL Flipper menu.
  • [Bug #268] New version numbering scheme.
  • [Bug #274] URL Flipper is now compatible with Firefox 4 and SeaMonkey 2.1.
  • [Bug #275] Fixed a problem in which certain URL encodings could break URL Flipper.
  • [Bug #276] The strip leading zero option will now start out as unchecked if auto-selection finds a sequence that has a leading zero.
  • [Bug #277] Added/updated translations from BabelZilla.

Verzia 30.0 KiB Funguje s Firefox 1.5 - 3.7a1pre, SeaMonkey 2.0b1pre - 2.1a1pre

2009/05/10 - 3.0.1
* Improved the UI and behavior of the redirect suppression (the redirect suppression code developed for URL Flipper can also be found in the new NoRedirect extension).
* URL Flipper will now remember all patterns, across different browser windows and sessions.
* Arrow, directional and function keys can now be used for shortcut key sequences, and the default sequences have been changed to use arrow keys.
* URL Flipper can now skip past bad/missing URLs, based on the HTTP response code of the request.
* The URL Flipper toolbar buttons now support command modifiers: Alt+Click will attempt to suppress the pattern dialog, Shift+Click will force the pattern dialog to be shown, Ctrl+Click will invoke the action from the first index in the sequence instead of the current index, and a Middle-Click will perform the command in a new tab.
* URL Flipper now supports SeaMonkey 2.
* Improved the behavior and usability of the pre-selection feature introduced in 2.2.0.
* URL anchors (#) are now ignored for URL pattern matching and identification.

Verzia 2.2.0 17.0 KiB Funguje s Firefox 1.5 - 3.6a1pre

2009/04/11 - 2.2.0
* Frequently requested feature: the final sequence will now be auto-selected instead of the first.
* Fixed the handling of escaped sequences in the URL.
* Interdict redirects for requests initiated by URL Flipper.
* URL Flipper will now make use of selections in the location bar.
* Improved handling of leading zeros.
* Added 6 new translations from BabelZilla.

Verzia 2.1.1 14.0 KiB Funguje s Firefox 1.5 - 3.6a1pre

* Fixed a typo that caused the URL Flipper toolbar buttons to use the wrong image regions when placed on the bookmarks toolbar.
* Added a toolbar button for "Clear URL Patterns".

Verzia 2.1.0 12.0 KiB Funguje s Firefox 1.5 - 3.1a1pre

* Updated for compatibility with Firefox 3.
* Firefox 3's new key handling forced me to change URL Flipper's default shortcut keys.
* Added the option to change URL Flipper's shortcut keys so that Firefox 2 users can revert to the old shortcut keys if they choose and so that people can use whatever keys they are most comfortable with.
* The URL selection dialog will now attempt to auto-highlight the appropriate part of the URL.
* Added Quick-Decrement/Increment commands; you can think of these as "I'm feeling lucky" commands. These commands will cause URL Flipper to bypass the URL selection dialog and attempt to guess which part of the URL you would like to have changed.
* Due to popular demand, users now have the option to add decrement and increment toolbar buttons.

Verzia 5.0 KiB Funguje s Firefox 1.5 - 3.0b5pre

- Notable change: Accel. keys changed from Ctrl-Shift to Ctrl-Alt-Shift because Ctrl-Shift-X is not free in FF3 as it was in FF2.
- Updated for Firefox 3.

Verzia 2.0.1 5.0 KiB Funguje s Firefox 1.5 - 2.0.0.*

2006/11/06 - 2.0.1
* A minor bug (#359651) in Firefox's regexp was causing the first digit to be ignored under certain circumstances in decimal, octal, and hexadecimal modes. This problem has been fixed.

Verzia 2.0.0 5.0 KiB Funguje s Firefox 1.5 - 2.0.0.*