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Мои отзывы

Complete YouTube Saver

Рейтинг 5 из 5 звёзд

Besides the command-line youtube-dl, this is by far the best download utility for youtube videos. It tells you exactly what type of video and audio you are downloading, lets you merge them for DASH formats, download subs....basically everything one could want. Youtube-dl gives slightly more control over allowing one to mix disparate video and audio types, which is extremely intelligent, but in all honesty the "best" video this addon can download is the best one that I want 99% of the time. I can't wait until they release a version for WebUtilities, but until then I'm maintaining a version of FF Portable with FFMPEG installed so I can use this when I want to download some videos (and don't want the headache of diagramming out the YT quality flowchart and entering the subsequent codes in youtube-dl.

I still support you on Patreon (though I don't think it takes my money). I hope you all keep working, and remember that with the quality you had before (and maybe a few tiny hints from yt-dl) many denizens of the internet would be glad to pay. Thanks so much for your work over the years!

Disable Add-on Compatibility Checks

Рейтинг 4 из 5 звёзд

This add-on works precisely as advertized. Has allowed me to use several add-ons which this website claims are incompatible with FF v22, and which FF will otherwise refuse to install. Requires no setup and has no options, but simply disables this check.

I would have given a full five stars without hesitation, if not for a few minor issues:

* In the add-on list, it is titled "checkCompatibility," which is badly formatted and confusing because it's the opposite of what the add-on actually does. Something more like the title on this page ("Disable Add-on Compatibility Checks") would be much more appropriate.

* Description is confusing, mentioning the variable name many times while only indirectly stating the primary function of disabling the check, and what this will allow in practice.

* If disabled or removed, the add-ons it facilitated will also be disabled at the next restart. This should be mentioned somewhere in the description or upon disabling, since one might reasonably assume this add-on is no longer needed after the compatibility is confirmed during installation.

I consider this add-on to provide critical functionality which should be included in FF itself, especially considering the frequency of its revision releases and the fact that most newer addons will still function perfectly. Until mozilla allows us to perform "experimental" installations again, this add-on works beautifully. Thanks so much!