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Hi, very nice add-on! Thanks for sharing.

I just have a problem on Kubuntu. I'm not able to make it work with VLC. I tried to change both the MMS and the Smooth Streaming Player Full Path, but it hangs while on the screen I get this message:
"[RAISMTH] Player Stop/EOF pid:846032060000 c:0"
What should I do?

Also, I am not able to make it work on Windows 7. I changed the path to get the VLC.exe but then I don't know how to fill the Audio Decoder Full path.

I would suggest to make VLC default player (Mplayer with no control bar is really disappointing). Also, I would suggest the add-on to get the right default paths to make it properly work on Windows also.

Thank you again.
Waiting for your feedback

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Let clarify a few points:
Vlc is NOT able to play Smooth streaming flow in the format we reassemble the chunks coming from RAI. Mplayer is.
So your complain about VLC not playing Live Smooth flow is a nonsense. This is clearly written.
M$ O.S. is not supported. Also this is clearly stated in the README. It is a 'collateral damage' if M$ still can run this addon. We are going to remove any old code left into the addon to avoid such complains coming continuosly from M$ users.
So VERY SOON no more chances to run RAISMTH using O.S. different than Linux.
Mplayer's guis handles input parms in several different manners.
We must be sure that the parms passed to the player from RAISMTH can be well understood. This is why Mplayer is launched with no gui. You can try any Mplayer gui if you want but it is at your own risk.
Anyway Mplayer no gui has a nice console interface that you can use to pass almost any parm you want at runtime.

If you have any problem running RAISMTH ON LINUX you can post your help request here: https://launchpad.net/~olrait by sending an email to this mailist.
On best effort we can try to help you, if the problem is well described.

Have a nice day.