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Dan Moorehead | PowerAccess (PowerAccess.net)

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Информация о разработчике
Имя Dan Moorehead | PowerAccess (PowerAccess.net)
Местонахождение Seattle, WA
Род деятельности Founder, CEO & Chief Software Architect | PowerAccess (PowerAccess.net)
Домашняя страница https://PowerAccess.net/MicrosoftAccess-ExcelQuery-Database
Пользователь с Апрель 15, 2013
Число разработанных дополнений 0 дополнений
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Founder, CEO & Chief Software Architect | PowerAccess

⚡ https://PowerAccess․net

✅ Want to easily convert many EXCEL workbooks into a single, automated MICROSOFT ACCESS DATABASE ➖ WITHOUT having to know SQL or VBA ❓

✅ Want to AUTOMATE, ACCELERATE & MODERNIZE Microsoft Access ➖ as a Power User ❓


✅ PowerAccess EXTENDS Microsoft Access with new Auto Database Builder Tools, Templates, Automation, Functions & Features to:  

✔ Excel-to-Access Database Conversion (Formulas to SQL)
✔ Excel Formulas & 500+ New Functions for Query Design

✔ Shorter, Faster & Easier "Previous-Row-based" Calculated Fields in Queries with XPrevRow()
✔ VBA App Framework (to reduce need for VBA coding and extend with .NET Framework features for VBA) + New Macro Events (like OnExit, OnRefreshDB)

✔ Auto-generation of Data Macros, VBA, SQL, Tables & more
✔ Auto Calculate, Import & Export, Generate PDF & Reports, Convert, Cloud Sync & Run Macros

✔ Web | iPad | Cloud |Mac | Mobile | iPhone | Android | PC | Tablet use anywhere
✔ Hundreds of Simultaneous Users
✔ Cloud-host Access Database on any PC or Windows Server to support streamed multi-user access

✔ Git & Versioning to track & merge multi-user design or VBA edits with Auto-Export/Import/Merge all objects & data on startup, even handling deletes & renaming

✔ New Tools like Global Find & Replace
(across all Queries, Tables, Object & Field Names & Data Records)
✔ Smart Rename, Smart Delete, Smart IDs
✔ PowerSQL - with its new Power Query-like functions
(like XPrevRow(), XLookup(), XNearestDefaultOrMin(), XNPV(), QIsBetween())
✔ User-level & Row-level Security, Active Directory authentication.

✔ Run Queries in Seconds vs Days
✔ Memory Caching for Lookups, Queries & Query Functions
✔ Iterative/Recursive Queries actually possible (like in Excel, with Previous Row-based formulas)
✔ Calculated Tables (auto-caching queries - scheduled or whenever data changes) to speedup or make possible to link to VBA-using Queries outside of Access

✔ Templates – for Estimates, Sales CRM, Compensation, Financing & more
✔ Solution Development, Customization & Support by leading Access experts - the developers of PowerAccess

✔ Full VBA Source Code
✔ No Install – No Add-ins or Installs needed to use
✔ Auto Upgrade or Templates
➖ Power Access enhance your new or existing databases using new integrated tools, features & automation ➖ using auto-upgrade tools (with embedded VBA or side-by-side database)
✔ Enhance Microsoft Access 2016, 2019, 365, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002 and 2000 Databases

✅ UPSCALE ➖ AUTOMATE & REPLACE ➖ Many Excel sheets, workbook copies & manual workflows:  

With PowerAccess' new tools & automation for MS Access, you can easily replace dozens of sheets across dozens of copies of difficult-to-maintain/merge Excel workbooks with a single easy-to-use, automated centralized multi-user, mobile/cloud/web Database.

Provide interactive data entry forms & reports (with drop-downs, tabs, drill-down, sort, chart & filter) with Auto-Calculation, User View/Edit Restrictions, and Advanced Change Tracking (user edit history & undo support).

✔ @PowerAccessSQL on Twitter
✔ @PowerAccessSQL on Facebook (https://fb․me/PowerAccessSQL)
✔ DanMoorehead on LinkedIn (https://linkedin․com/in/DanMoorehead)

✅ SUBSCRIBE for Early Access to PowerAccess @  

⚡ https://PowerAccess․net

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All Menus Button

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No toolbar button can be found available to add or on any toolbar for Firefox v55+, fir Developer/Beta/Nightly Editions, not sure for Firefox stable, but will be the case for it soon if not already.

Profile Buttons

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Button's aren't available to add to App menu or toolbars, at least with Firefox Developer Edition (v55 x64) with e10s Multi-Process enabled. Installing both the ProfileSwitcher and Profile Folder Button extensions are collectively an alternative that does work with e10s, however.

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Works for Firefox Developer Edition (v55 x64) with e10s Multi-process enabled, unlike alternatives, but could use addition of Open Profile Folder, if possible, as extensions providing that don't work with e10s.

Это отзыв для предыдущей версии этого дополнения ( 

Profile Buttons

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Button's aren't available to add to App menu or toolbars, at least with Firefox Developer Edition (v55 x64) with e10s Multi-Process enabled. ProfileSwitcher is an alternative that does work, though doesn't have option to open the profile folder and the separate Open Profile Folder extension doesn't work with my configuration.