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Имя ArlaM
Местонахождение Newport, NC 28570
Род деятельности Wedding & Event Planner
Пользователь с Март 26, 2014
Число разработанных дополнений 0 дополнений
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I am wedding & event Planner recently Moved back North Carolina and do not have an brides or folks who planning parties. I only do two to three brides in any year. I find I can not give brides the most individual attention if I do more than two or three the way I decide is how far out are you planning your wedding If it is within 6 months and you are the only one I will take you on. After that your wedding should be 12- 18 months from the date you hire me. I look forward to helping your plan Your special Day. I will work with Brides From Carteret, Craven and Onslow County North Carolina

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Better than all the others... 99% of the time I get what I have searched for quickly, at the top of my searches, not buried several pages later where I might find it. I prefer saying I dogpiled it... Then telling everyone I say it to, what Dogpile is. Thank you Arfie!