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Can't wait for a new version, which will work with the current nightlies

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Mail Merge

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I couldn't live without this superb extension.

But lately, I keep getting the warning "The message contains multiple recipients.", whenever a message I send contains multiple recipients.

How do I get rid of this annoyance?

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What a joy at first, and what a disappointment after all!

I need to detach attachments from various folders (around 30) each containing between 500-5000 messages.

I start with one (I want to extract each message folder to a different file folder) and I keep getting the confirmation message, warning me that this operation cannot be undone. I bloody know it can't! Do I have to click 5,000 times on OK?

And then I get every now and then the confirmation window for duplicates and what to do! I've set in options you stupid thing "create a copy with a new filename", I also check each time "remember, don't ask me again" and then I get asked again!!!

Bow, please, tell me; what is going wrong? Are these bugs of features?

I run Tb 3.0b2 on WinXP Pro SP3. The en-US version of Tb, on english Windows. The regional settings are Greece.


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Greek spellchecking dictionary

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As I reported in the Greek-English version of the dictionary comments, the Greek dictionary has stopped working for Greek words. What it does is the following:

a. sometimes it doesn't find any errors at all.

b. sometimes it does catch errors, but it either has no suggestions for them, or it suggests odd strings with random (?) non greek characters

c. When in (b) it wrongly indicates all words with an initial capital letter as wrong, without any suggestion on them.

The Greek-English version has similar problems making it unusable. The English spell checking has no problems.

This is a problem also occurring with no other extensions running, so it doesn't look like such a conflict.

Please, can anyone check on this? It has been such wonderful dictionaries until a month or so ago.

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EMail Address Crawler

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I need it badly in 3.0 beta 2

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Extra Folder Columns

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...and as it was said, (account) folders don't necessarily need information.

Could we have those two as boolean options?
Show zeros
Show folder information?

Great to have this feature in 3; it was missing.

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Remove Duplicate Messages

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Your extension is so missed in Thunderbird 3.0 /Shredder builds.

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Great extension! 4 1/2 stars from me.

I would have given 5 stars, if it provided Greek Language (it is now supported by Google Translate), and if it could also be used on selected text, instead of a whole page (preferably, with the translation result in a bubble, with a copy option)

At the moment I translate a page to some other language, then I go and manually change the translation url to greek ("el").

Is there some file to change, so that greek is included in the languages?

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