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Simple Locale Switcher

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Quickly changed everything from German to English without fiddling in about:config! Love it!

これは以前のバージョン (0.9.5) についてのレビューです。 

Expression Search / GMailUI

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Its a great tool, the only thing I find sad is that global search over all folders or Sub folders ins not possible.
I understand that there might be a reason for this behavour.
As a workaround I want to ask the developer to consider this feature:
* Add a setting 'remember search term' on/off
* When on, don't clear the search term field when the users cycles through the folders

Is this possible? Any other ideas for workarounds?
Thanks & Regards

これは以前のバージョン (0.9.1-let-fixed) についてのレビューです。 

Remove Duplicate Messages

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Removes also from IMAP Folders. Something that "Remove Duplicate Messages Alternative" not does. But it does not show the emails when U click on the lines of duplicates listed

これは以前のバージョン (0.1.10) についてのレビューです。 

Remove Duplicate Messages

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Works great.

これは以前のバージョン (0.3.5) についてのレビューです。