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obviously I misunderstood.
The point was that I am not sure what to choose because of the many options. Here less would be more and a help would be necessary.
Up to now I secure my Thunderbird with the old MozBackup, unfortunately this is not being developed any further and seems to have problems with the IMAP accounts that are common today, so that sometimes curious problems occur when importing to the other PC. ImportExportTools NG should be similarly easy to use.
PS: exporting whole folders in various formats is a very useful option.

Ez az értékelés a kiegészítő előző verziójához készült (4.0.4).  A felhasználó már korábban értékelte ezt a kiegészítőt.

I am hoping to get a basic user guide out before too long given the many options you refer to. If you are looking to do something similar to MBackup then probably the most appropriate use would be to export your profile. That option is available when you choose IETNG from the tools menu. As far as exporting whole folders, you can choose the context menu and choose the various export options.
I am also going to comment on the options in the overview.