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Nombre Étienne Deparis
Ubicación Nantes, France
Inicio https://etienne.depar.is/
Usuario desde Jun. 3, 2007
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I'm not part of doweb and they don't pay me for the following, but I dislike seeing people saying non sens accusation about safe things.
I've tested Fb dislike and I have found absolutely NOTHING dangerous in this addons. Just, yes, a lot of ads... But facebook, without adblock is also a real trashcan. And for me it's fine to be paid for any works.
In this picture (in french, sorry) you can see that there is no private information send to doweb servers. Just your name (and what? it's not private if you write it on facebook !), and the post ID you're disliking : http://www.flickr.com/photos/milouse/4264093244/

The only problems I saw with this addon is gui problems : there is no visual confirmation that your dislike click was registered. And another is that the link to the group which is post with the notice should be a tiny url.

Don't panic, it's just web2, it's just ads ;)

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i've just done a new version for this module. It works now with Thunderbird 3

Je viens de réaliser une mise à jour pour ce module : il fonctionne maintenant parfaitement bien dans Thunderbird 3.

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