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I have been using CT for a long time with satisfaction and I'm also its Italian translator.
Like the previous reviewer I also noticed that this addon was broken by TB 31.0 In particular I have 6 calendars (all of them being on Google) and I saw some events were skipped in the Today Panel. At the moment I noticed this on a calendar made only of annual recurring events (birthdays), Some of them were reported, others not.
By deactivatng Calendar Tweaks everything went back ok. I suppose the oroblem could be due to a different manageing of colors which caauses something to disappear, The same happened with the addons ContactTabs which was immediately updated by its author,

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (5.0).  This user has other reviews of this add-on.

Calendar Tweaks 6.0 has been released and fixes these problems.

Calendar Tweaks 6.0 is fully compatible with Thunderbird 31.0 and some minor compatibility issues with Thunderbird 24.0.* have been fixed.

Calendar Tweaks 6.0 has two new tweaks (options), both aimed at saving space in the Month/Multiweek Views and the Today Pane:

- Show time and event on single line if no date (Today Pane)

- Reduce height of events (Month/Multiweek Views) (Today Pane)