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Name whitefox42
Ort Maine
Beruf Disabled Student
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I am a mid 40's woman who has been ill and disabled for 28years+, I am now going to school online since I can do that from bed so that I can make graphics, websites, and digital art as well as drawing art from home. After all this time, I finally found out what I want to be when I grow up. An Artist. I have a great support system and people and animals who love me and that is what makes living with the pain worth it. Remember to take time to smell the flowers. Appreciate the good things and don't sweat the small stuff.

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Winters White Fox

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Awesome! Thanks for sharing. When I get the time to create my own, I will share too. Thank you.

Kim White-Fox

Arctic Polar White fox by mica.mala

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Finally. A great representation of the arctic fox. My name is whitefox and I have been searching hi and low for a great persona until I learn to make them myself. Thank you. I like your other work too.

Firefox Blue Se7en

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I like the blue. My favorite color but my name is whitefox. Anytime you do a white fox let me know. Thanks and great work.