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Instead of deleting my previous comment, you should just answer what is the progress with the version. I understand that there might be problems with new release, but version is already being blocked, so any kind of explanation is much better than pretending that nothing happened^^.

Diese Bewertung wurde für eine vorherige Version des Add-ons ( abgegeben. 

Looking for explanations from developer? Why not look into "Developer's comments" area?

The problems with new versions are always the same. I upload new versions just after new Adobe release and then they are waiting for Mozilla guys to review files. This review procedure takes several weeks and I can't affect this. They just want to protect you from malware, so they forced developers to sign addons on AMO (just to be usable in Firefox) and to wait for manual check of "suspicious" addons.

Btw I don't know what comment You are talking about. Developers can't delete comments, this is one more option available for AMO staff only.