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I use this extension for years, and it runs pretty good since yesterday (on Thunderbird 45.2.0, Windows XP).
The ability to add elements ids in the configuration to hide them is very nice.
Nevertheless, it is operational only once you say that you get the details about an element by Ctrl Shift (right click) on it, after installing DOM Inspector and Element Inspector.
I put this in that field :
Please pay attention : if you hide the button that puts the message text full screen, to get the normal zoom back you have to double click at the top border of the message.
A notice for people who used to open a message in a new tab by double clicking on it : Maximize Message Pane intercepts the double click, so if you want to display the message in a new tab, you have to ask it via the contextual menu (so, right click on the message, in the message list pane). Double click is the intuitive way to display a message full screen, with this extension this does not necessarily mean open it in a new tab.

Diese Bewertung wurde für eine vorherige Version des Add-ons (1.1.16) abgegeben.