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I'm running TB 52.1.1 under macOS 10.12.6

The full range of colors from the color folders palette is not applied when selected.

Don't know if the following is any help:

ReferenceError: colorfolders is not defined [Learn More]
TypeError: this.chromeUtilsWindow.openUILinkIn is not a function[Learn More] hudservice.js:425:5

When I enter colorfolders in the filter, I get the following:

ReferenceError: colorfolders is not defined [Learn More]

When I click [Learn More], it tries to open an application - but doesn't know what application to use!

I really don't WANT to attempt this with TB /EB 54 because they both WIPE OUT my tab color settings!!

Oh, one request (if possible) - color the NAME of the folder...

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