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Edit Bookmark Plus

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Why is the resize "grip" on the left? Nonsensical IMO! The typical location is the lower right corner of a window or panel in Firefox. Why change it from where user expect to see it?

Extension List Dumper

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With the "door hanger" display the Print button goes directly to the "native print dialog" box, no way to change the "Scale" via Page Setup or Print Preview (unless that already set for something else that was printed and wasn't reset to the default). Base font is just too large, IMO. My first print out was 4 pages long and all I added was Install Date

All types of Add-ons are lumped together, and the whole list is alphabetized. Extensions are intermixed with Appearance (Themes) and with Plugins, along with User Styles, and possibly GreaseMonkey scripts and "Social". It is possible to do a single Type output, like Extensions only but no "Type" listed for UserSyles or other then the "main" 4 Types.No way to include the Profile name, for users who are running multiple Profiles. for whatever reason.

Overall, a good start but not as friendly as the old InfoLister that many long time Firefox users have been using for over 9 years. ALD or ELD pales by comparison for power users who may have 50+ extensions, a lightweight theme or two and a few dozen UserStyles, along with some GM scripts.

Download Status Bar

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Works as advertised, on both 26.0 and Nightly 29.0a1. Has 2 separate Contextual Menus, one to the left over "Downloads" (Close Bar and Clear All Downloads) and the other over the "progress meter".

Clearly this extension deserves better than the 2 star and 1 star ratings given in the two previous reviews.

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Forecastfox Weather

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This extension seems to work properly, but there are no instructions about how to set it up and be able to start using it, that I was able to locate. The screenshots appear to be from Firefox 3.6 or earlier, and how many Firefox users are using a Mac.

If you need help getting started with this add-on, see this support forum posting -

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AllowClipboard Helper

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Thank you for updating this extension for Firefox 3.0, 3.5, and 3.6 versions of Firefox. It greatly simplifies setting up Clipboard permissions.

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Bookmark Bar Toggler

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Button way too large, especially when using small icons. Otherwise an excellent extension.