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Edit Bookmark Plus

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Many thanks!
Addon is very good, but need small modify behavior for Add Bookmarks Pane: need saving an last bookmark folder (it's may be optionally: switch on of Setup).

Compact Menu 2

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Hello, Milly! Many thanks for this Extension!
I'm think, it can be finally usefull if you may add to it a slight improvement in the foolproof style. Blocking please option, who present on Menu, who can be switch off displaying Pane who has the main Meny button like blue Globe. It is need because an user currently can close the Pane, who contains button to control main Menu of the Mozilla browser. It's totally destroying browser work!.. And these careless user is forced to disable the profile roughly extension to regain access to the menu... That not everyone knows how to put into practice...
Many-many thanks! :)