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Smiley Fixer

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Works well under SeaMonkey, too, with a tweak to the install.rdf (diff posted as issue 2 on github).

Thanks for this, Richard. Nice work!

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Absolutely excellent, and installs and works nicely with SeaMonkey, too (including the statusbar icon!).

Kudos. This is just what I've been looking to find. I can't believe I've been missing it so long.

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I've been a fan (on SeaMonkey) for quite some time, Gemal. Thanks so much for your contributions.

The one thing I miss on SeaMonkey is the ability to access Linky from the context menu when viewing an email. I just got one today with a text link to a YouTube video, whcih I needed to copy & paste (the old fashioned way). ;-)


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Does just what it says, and works out of the box with SeaMonkey, too!

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Gantt View

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Nice work, Joe! I've filed a bug 24926 to add SeaMonkey support and better detect the application in which this is installed, but some minor editing got it working for my test setup, and it looks really nice.

The code is elegant and the rendering is clean and legible. Very, very well done.

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Classic Default

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I was using Seazilla 2.4, and just tried Classic Default as a test. Lightning buttons are missing for creating/editing events, Composer print button is skewed (Seazilla has its own problem with the Composer toolbar), to name a couple issues. Still, the artwork is excellent, and the feel is there. Unfortunately, I am unable (as of 2012-03-20) to reach the author's homepage.

Provider for Google Calendar

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With all of the disinformation flying about these comments, it must be hard for the uninitiated to make a rational determination as to the value of this add-on.

There are four independent yet interdependent components to consider when installing, using, and upgrading this add-on:

1. Thunderbird or SeaMonkey (the base component)
2. Lightning (the calendar component)
3. Provider for Google Calendar (this add-on)
4. Google Calendar (the data component)

When upgrading, it is extremely important to remember that changes to Lightning and/or Thunderbird (or SeaMonkey) will very likely have some impact on the behavior of Provider for Google Calendar. If available, you should upgrade your build of the Provider at the same time as you upgrade Lightning.

A good rule of thumb when upgrading any of these components is to disable *all* remote calendars before the upgrade, then upgrade Thunderbird (or SeaMonkey), followed by Lightning, and finally Provider for Google Calendar. Once all that's done, review the properties of your remote calendar(s) to be sure that nothing broke in your profile, and only then, re-enable your remote calendars.

CalDAV support for Google calendars is great but lacks some functionality (notifications via SMS, for example - at least, this has been the case; it is likely to change in the future, but that is entirely up to Google). Whatever changes Google may make to various external calendar interfaces are beyond the control of this add-on's developer and anyone else outside of Google, so please don't blame this add-on (or it's developer) for such happenings.

It works for the vast majority of us using it, and the author is active in development, responsive to bug reports, and approachable. Beyond that, the price is truly an exceptional value (FREE), which is something often overlooked in the open source community.

As with all things in life, your personal experience may vary, and no two people share the same data conditions at the same time. This add-on works very, very well for me, and I highly recommend it.

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Unfortunately, SM 2.6 seems to have done something different with the toolbar icons in Composer, rendering Seazilla less than an ideal choice for using that particular app. The rest of the SM 2.6 suite looks and works fine, however.

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Looks absolutely fabulous on SeaMonkey 2.5!!

Classic Default is missing some components for the most recent SeaMonkeys, but this is truly outstanding. Until I get my Sky Pilot back, this will do just fine.

Thanks for a great job!

Dafizilla Table2Clipboard

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Excellent work. Latest build ( installs and works under SeaMonkey 2.5b3 on OS/2.

I have a monthly report which I generate from an app connected to a Postgres database. Normally, I select all of the rows and columns, copy, & paste into a fresh email (the only email I actually send HTML-only). With Table2Clipboard, copying the entire table is a snap (several hundred rows), and the pasted output is faithful to the web-based original, including fonts and shading. This will make my life much easier going forward. Bravo!