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Use BCC Instead C 需要重新啟動

This is a version of 'Use BCC Instead' updated for Thunderbird 64 and above.

It prevents you accidentally sending an email to a large number of recipients without hiding their addresses from each other by using BCC.

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Expand mailing list recipients

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Very useful
Sven: I made changes to work in TB68a. Why not put this on github and I'll raise an issue for you to get them?

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Expand mailing list recipients

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Simple to use. Works well.
v0.32 TB 45.4 on WIndows
However, the name of this addon is not great - 'pop' is a rather techy word, as is the allOneWordTitle. I found it from bugzilla. 'Expand mailing list recipients' would be better.
But thanks for maintaining this.