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Address Close Button


Does not work for TB 24.5 on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. Can you please check and update? I have a few other compose add ons installed like auto complete. others work fine except this one. Actually, MRC compose addon breaks this addon.

Priority Switcher


Working on Ubuntu 14.04 with TB 24.x. Email with high priority sent to MS Exchange address and it correctly displays as high priority there.
However, if your email ID is an MS exchange email, priority cannot be set. Can that feature be added?


Hide C. Titlebar Plus Lite


Dear developer, this addon works for Linux too. I have tested on Kubuntu 13.10 64bit with TB 24.2. Excellent addon. 5 stars, Please make it available for Linux as well. Rename the xpi file , replace windows with linux and install.


Enhanced Priority Display


Works perfectly on Ubuntu 13.04 and Thunderbird 17.. Excellent. As noted, Account colours add-on needs to be disabled first. But this is a far more important addon!! Thanks again!


Smiley Fixer


Sorry, couldnt find a place to report the bug, so writing it here. This addon does not seem to work when emails are sent from Outlook 2010. I still see a J. I am using v1.3.1 on TB17 on Ubuntu 13.04 x64...UPDATE: I am putting 5 stars for your prompt reply and also for the fact that this addon actually works! However, it breaks when used in conjuction with thunderbird conversations.


Compose for Thunderbird


This is a very good plugin. It changes the entire face of the compose window. however, I seem to have found 1 critical bug.

When i write something and leave a space at the end, users using outlook and MS exchange mailboxes, seem to pickup a space in html format,( &nbsp). This is very annoying . I think this should be fixed .
This happens for new emails and also any email that I am replying to.

Feature request: Please add functionality to allow choosing fonts from all available fonts in the system


User Agent Switcher


Solves my banking problems . Now i dont have to open IE all the time