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Search as list


This addon is absolutely essential and I don't understand why it had not yet been integrated in TB'core. Please update (i'd pay for this one since it improves so much my productivity!) or @Mozilla please integrate!

tasks & mails


Of course you can choose to find more complete and complex task managers, but I find this one really up-to-the-point and practical if you want to quickly and easily manage the hundreds of tasks incoming through email. You can also add tasks which are not linked to emails. It helps you find quickly the email linked to the task you recorded, even though you moved the email to a different folder : I'm saving tons of time with this function ! It keeps my mailbox tidy and my tasks right in front of me. I like it because it is light, easy to use, and for once with a task manager I'm really saving time ! (instead of spending so much time typing the content of the task from the email, and then forgetting about it because it is not stuck in front of my eyes!) For info : I'm using TB with IMAP folders.

Firefox Add-ons


Does what it should do : redirects to the result page of Firefox add-ons for the searched word/words.


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