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名称 Clint Priest
位置 Austin, TX
职业 Chief Technology Officer, Results Generation
注册时间 Jan. 23, 2008
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Remote Content By Folder


This is a great add-on and hats-off to allowing expressive regular expressions. The last reviewer giving you 1 star because he can't be bothered to take a 5 minute tutorial that covers 90% of the use cases for regex is churlish.

I wish more extensions allowed regex (PCRE FTW)

Add to Mailing list


This addon is not working in 78.7.1 either

Toggle Inline


Works as described, nice! Screenshots are not very useful, but it adds a button to the far right of the toolbar, next to the search bar.

Manage and archive emails / Nostalgy++ for TB78


Oh how I missed nostalgy, thank you SO MUCH for re-writing this for TB78+. I sent you a donation, thanks again!

For those of you who haven't tried this, it makes handling messages a dream. In particular the ` key to quick-filter by sender or subject makes dealing with volumes of email quickly. Also the save (really moves the message) is of great value!



I've been using this for years, couldn't use Thunderbird without it. Recently my work Outlook had some catastrophic un-fixable failure and this plugin was one of the reasons I chose to use TB for my work email as well.


No Message Pane Sort


I've been using this add-on forever, 10+ years. I was happy to see it continued to work in the new version. I cannot say how essential this little tweaks is.




A 5-star add-on, I use it all of the time, but can't any more since the plugin change up. Any chance an update is in the works?


Minimap Sidebar


Love it, I would love to see it recognize addresses on the web page and present them as a link (if they're not already linked) or some one-click button to show a map of the address w/o having to select the address first.