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BrowseInTab lets you open and browse any link in a Thunderbird content tab. Links are followed within the tab and back/forward navigation is supported.

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MessagePreview adds a column to the Thunderbird message list to display the message preview in a tooltip on column row icon mouse hover or a short preview in the column row itself.

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Config Button


Thanks for making this. Could you add a pref to open in a content tab also?


Checkbox Column


This addon has inspired select functionality to be added to core Thunderbird in v70+. Pick column Select Messages from the columnpicker.
Also included is 'no unwanted selection', meaning unselect in the column will prevent selecting anything in that folder on junk or delete or other message move actions.


Checkbox Column


Thanks for making this! Some suggestions:
1. You should register "selectCol" as non sortable, on init, because it 1)doesn't actually sort 2)confuses the Group By Sort view;
2. It would complete the functionality if you could add an onclick listener to the column header and then toggle between Select All and Clear Selection (maybe with a tristate icon - none, some, all selected).
3. A tooltip on the column header would be good.
4. The optional large font is good, but please add an option for the regular sizing, ie a css rule that sets the icon at 16x16, the max for all other stock icons.


Add-ons Manager Context Menu


Lots of nice features and shortcuts, especially for people who make addons. It would be really useful to display the id somewhere more easily accessible, perhaps right aligned in the title line in the listing, or in More.., or even in the context menu.



After bug 323911 I was considering how to go about bug 261841. But there's no better or more flexible way to fine tune sound notifications than the message filter based ToneQuilla. Should be built in. Maybe even enhanced to include customizing popup notifications in the same way.

One small issue, on linux at least, is that not all of the packaged sound files work; applause.wav does not while drumriff.wav does. The .mp3 file opens a default player.




Extra points for multiselect ;)

For mouse/keyboard dnd, perhaps TotalMessage may be of interest. Original references are stored and a backup is made to Trash if desired.



This functionality may be created by installing userChromeJS from:

Add this code to the [profile]/chrome/userChrome.js file:

/* Compose window */
if (location == "chrome://messenger/content/messengercompose/messengercompose.xul") {
// Skip blank subject check in MsgComposeCommands.js.
eval("GenericSendMessage = " + GenericSendMessage.toString().replace(/subject == ""/, "subject == null"));
// Skip confirm cancel in MsgComposeCommands.js.
ComposeCanClose = function() { return true; };


Identity Chooser


Excellent and quite comprehensive. One small unexpected behavior was the need to restart to apply a change to a particular button; adding a note would be enough if it's hard to make it instant. Also, not compatible with Folder Account (identity selected did not appear in compose From).


Super Date Format


this is something i've thought about writing for a while. it would be close to perfect, given:1. i believe it's against convention to take up a panel in Options, and it's worse if there's no icon.2. it should be clear if Date or Received is used.3. imo, the Date Format pref could be added as a tab in Options->Display; the column name doesn't need its own tab.4. the panel/tab could be automatically selected in the Options window when clicking options in addons manager (it's possible programatically).5. you don't need a new custom column, but can instead use the same method to override an existing column, and let the user decide to which columns the date format should apply.

[followup:] all you do is use dateCol or receivedCol in addColumnHandler(). but you need to get the dates like this: _fetchDate: function(aMsgHdr, aName) { let date = aName == "dateCol" ? : aName == "receivedCol" ? aMsgHdr.getUint32Property("dateReceived") * 1000000 : null; return date; },

[followup2:] the 2 options panels *really* need to be combined into 1... also, i think there is a better way than listbox (grid?) to display the format symbols help box; the text should especially be copy/select enabled (readonly textbox?). then it would be perfect. ;) 4->5


Deselect on Delete


often it is desirable to select on delete when using the button, to rapidly delete multiple messages. but most definitely not when using the contextmenu. so i use this method in userChromeJS. it avoids a permanent listener; the ultimate extension would provide a pref for both contextmenu and button behavior.
FolderDisplayWidget.prototype._noSelectAfterDelete = false;
FolderDisplayWidget.prototype.hintAboutToDeleteMessages =
function FolderDisplayWidget_hintAboutToDeleteMessages() {
this._nextViewIndexAfterDelete =
this._noSelectAfterDelete ? -1 : this.view.dbView.msgToSelectAfterDelete;

var mcD = document.getElementById("mailContext-delete");
if (mcD)
mcD.setAttribute("onclick", "setSelectAfterDeleteBehavior('contextmenu')");
var bmD = document.getElementById("button-mark-deleted");
if (bmD)
bmD.setAttribute("onclick", "setSelectAfterDeleteBehavior('button')");

function setSelectAfterDeleteBehavior(aWho) {
gFolderDisplay._noSelectAfterDelete = aWho == "contextmenu" ? true : false;


CS Lite


CookieFast has been created as a possible replacement for CSLite, for Fx4.0+ and Tb5.0pre+. See here:

JavaScript Debugger


version fixes the problem with Fx 4.0b4pre, thanks!

venkman is still far superior to chromebug.

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JavaScript Debugger


doesn't work with Fx 4.0b4pre.

Error: MSG_ALERT is not defined
Source file: chrome://venkman/content/venkman-utils.js
Line: 286
Error: console.commandManager is undefined
Source file: chrome://venkman/content/venkman-static.js
Line: 281


Execute JS


this is so well done, it would be terrific if other xul apps could be supported, especially Thunderbird..




a must have. only additional necessary feature would be to also perform the date sort on a thread based on its most recent message when selecting a newsgroup folder.


Remove Duplicate Messages (Alternate)


First, this is an excellent job, with a very well designed and ergonomic UI with too many small nice things to note. The old Remove Duplicate Messages (doesn't work at all) and Advanced Remove Duplicates (found a lot of misses) can be replaced. I found hundreds of old dupes in the Engadget rss feed (9500 items) which were not found otherwise. Tested in Tb2.0.0.5pre.

Some nits:
1. #Lines column is not sizeable, all others are fine.
2. If a folder is not selected, yet right clicked and Remove Duplicates selected, and the summary file is not built, then nothing happens. Should rebuild summary in this case. Yes, this is an extremely fine point.. (Summaries gone seems to be due to sharing a Tb profile between win and linux file system.)
3. Selecting Message ID column and window/column positions/sizes are not remembered across dialog closes.
5. #Lines is not printed (nice double check even if it's not a selected dupe detection option).

1. It would be nice if in the Duplicate Messages Deletion dialog, selecting of a message there would have the effect of selecting it in Tb.
2. Move the Delete permanently checkbox above the columns; this way the box size can be styled for max size just with css (and not js).

It would be great to see this officially reviewed by AMO and released.




would be much higher if an link's context menu (email and rss) contained a FavLoc menu option. and if a single attachment were individually actionable instead of only All.


Copy Sent to Current


excellent tool, now Sent mails can easily be defaulted or dynamically placed in any desired folder.