Paolo "Kaosmos"


名称 Paolo "Kaosmos"
位置 Rome, Italy
注册时间 Oct. 1, 2007
开发的附加组件数量 7 个附加组件
开发的附加组件平均得分 评分4星,满分5星


ImportExportTools 需要重开

Adds some tools to import and export folders and messages

评分4星,满分5星 (235)
45,475 位用户

ProfileSwitcher 需要重开

It adds some options to launch easily other profiles and the Profile Manager.

评分4星,满分5星 (114)
828 位用户

PrintingTools 需要重开

Adds some options to print messages and addressbooks

评分4星,满分5星 (40)
10,427 位用户

Header Tools Lite 需要重开

Allows to modify the header and the source of messages

评分5星,满分5星 (42)
1,027 位用户

AttachExtraTools 需要重开

This extension gives more options and tools to attach files from compose window.

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253 位用户


EMail Address Crawler


You can find a version that should be fully compatible with newer versions of Thunderbird, modifed by me, at this address -->