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I'm only using this to close the message window after replying, so that's all I can comment on - but it seems to work well so far.

Would it be possible to update it to also close the message window after forwarding?



This works on TB68 as expected, accept that when I open an email and then click its 'Delete' icon, or press the 'delete' key, the email is sent to the trash without a confirmation. (When selecting an email from the list view, and clicking the 'Delete' icon or pressing the 'delete' key, I do get the CBD delete confirmation as expected.)

Edit 2019-10-20: Version 1.2 is giving the proper confirmation message. Thanks for the quick fix.


Profile Switcher


Thanks for creating this legacy WebExtension fork of the original ProfileSwitcher add-on. In fact it works better than the original - it doesn't have the annoying bug of not switching properly between two profiles, with later TB versions.




I've had to revert to, since the new version 1.7.7 doesn't work with Thunderbird 52.8.0 - it no longer switches properly between two profiles. I emailed a bug report to the author 3 weeks ago, but so far there's been no reply. So it's not clear whether this add-on is now essentially dead, or whether the author is intending it to work with the imminent Thunderbird 60 release.

Edit 2018-08-09: 1.7.7 still has the same problem with Thunderbird 60.0. Worse still, doesn't work at all, even with strictCompatibility switched off. So this extension is now useless for me.

Edit 2019-10-07. Fortunately, the replacement version above by Dillinger works properly with TB 68.