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Simple Space Stars


Simple, beautiful, and not distracting. Simple Space Stars is a keeper!

Extension List Dumper


I have tried many different options to try to get any usable output from the Extension List Dumper add-on, but it ONLY produces empty files.
A "Dump List" button is added to the Add-ons Manager window. With that , a user can choose what to name the output file, and select which folder to create it in. A user can choose a few different file types (text, HTML, CSV with either comma or semi-colon separators, or BBCode) to create, as well. However, no matter what options a user selects, there is NO CONTENT in ANY of the output files! NONE! Just empty files with the name, and of type and in the location selected!



On some pages, this works great!

But, on other pages, it tries to download java-script and empty folders, instead of letting me see the webpage being called. This makes it impossible to use on some of the websites I go to frequently. (Like the Daily Deal on, I don't want to download the java script that calls up today's special, I just want to see it!) For that reason, I've had to Disable this Add-On. There is nowhere to choose what extensions this works on that is readable or usable. Nor is there a reasonable way to contact anybody that might support this Add-On, either. Their "bug report" thing is too complex and convoluted, like something the development team should fill out for themselves, instead of a simple end-user.

This is a great idea, but it still needs a lot of work before it's ready for release!


Gmail Manager


I have 3 Gmail accounts which I have tried to enter into the so-called GMail Manager, but the Add-on can't seem to remember any of them!!
The support site is blank! The Mozilla forum has lots of similar reports of this not working. This seems to be an abandoned Add-On!!!
I don't understand why Mozilla lists this as TOP RATED!!!

Image Download Ⅱ


Does NOT Work!!!
This does not get the image linked to by a thumbnail. Despite the filter, it only grabs the thumbnail image.

The instructions in the "having trouble writing rules" pop-up tooltip, are to manually go to each page of each image that you want, and then to use this Add-On to save the those images. Which is about what one has to do to save those images anyway.

In short, this Add-On is more trouble than it is worth. By the time one has set it up for one single site, one could have clicked on and downloaded all the images one was after. And, at a different website, you have to set it up all over again, if you want those new images in a different folder. Like I said, more trouble than it is worth to me.