I love this extension. I have been using it for a long time.

I have followed the steps indicated by DS, but it does not work in Thunderbird 68.4.2

I would be eternally grateful to the developer if I could update this extension.

Thank you in advance!


The manipulated XPI works fine with TB 68.2.2.
Must-Have-Addon. Please update it.



Addon still works perfectly in TB 68 if you're willing to do moderate editing to the files. Instructions here. . .


1. Unzip the .xpi file (change extension to .zip to extract natively, or use 7-Zip or other extractor).

2. In extracted root folder, create "manifest.json" in a text editor and populate as follows (first bracket to last bracket):

"manifest_version": 2,
"name": "Select Addressbook Text",
"description": "Copy and paste a name, phone number, address or other text from your Thunderbird address book quickly, with just a single menu click.",
"version": "1.5",
"applications": {
"gecko": {
"id": "[email protected]",
"strict_min_version": "68.0"
"author": "Craig B. Markwardt",
"legacy": {
"type": "xul"

3. Save the file. Note that the JSON syntax is *very* finicky, and so much as one missing punctuation mark may cause the addon not to load. Copy and overwrite this addon's info over a manifest from a working TB 68 addon if you run into trouble. (Note also: this is a quick-and-dirty single language manifest; they can easily be localized per the TB Addon Developer website.)

4. Unzip "select_addressbook_text.jar" from the "../chrome" subfolder using 7-zip or another extractor.

4. Open "overlay.js" file in the "../content/" subfolder of the extracted .JAR archive with a text editor. Search and replace the following string (NOTE: preceding -'s and +'s are for illustration only):
- strbundle = document.getElementById("sab_address_strings");
+ let bundle = Services.strings.createBundle("chrome://select_addressbook_text/locale/address.properties");
+ let strings = bundle.GetStringFromName("sab_address_strings");

5. Save file.

6. Open "overlay.xul" in the "../content/" subfolder of the extracted .JAR archive with a text editor. Search and replace the following strings (x2):
- type="application/x-javascript"
+ type="application/javascript"

7. In "overlay.xul", delete or comment out the following lines:
- <stringbundleset id="sab_address_stringbundleset">
- <stringbundle id="sab_address_strings" src="chrome://select_addressbook_text/locale/address.properties"/>
- </stringbundleset>

8. Save file.

9. ZIP up all files from the extracted .JAR archive, keeping complete folder structure. Change .zip extension to .jar, and rename file "select_addressbook_text.jar". Replace original .JAR of same name.

10. ZIP up addon, keeping complete folder structure. Change .zip extension to .xpi.

11. Install in TB 68.


Casual tests show it working flawlessly.



Would be great to have it working for TB 60. Thank you very much!


An essential tool I'm using it nearly every day .
Unfortunately it's not compatible to V 60.
So pleeeeease update - it is urgent!



I keep seeing reviews that says this add-on does not work. I am using Thunderbird 52.2.1 on 7/10/2017 and it is working perfectly for me.


The review by RJGync said this add-on no longer worked. I just tested it with the latest Thunderbird 45 and it works okay.

The problem mentioned by markrlondon on October 17, 2011 was still true on a PC.

"All of 'Copy Name & Home Address', 'Copy Home Address', 'Copy Name & Work Address' and 'Copy Work Address' produce copied text that has no line breaks in it. E.g. "John Smith1234Main StreetBigtown90210USA"."

Trying to copy the full name and address to Notepad on a PC shows no line breaks in the address. It is all one line. It is still a bit easier than copying each part of the address separately but it is annoying.

It is doubtful this will ever get fixed since the add-on is so old. But if the developer ever sees this, maybe the line break character being inserted is wrong for PCs but ok for Macs... please fix if possible. Thanks.


For a while, I used this add-on frequently; now it no longer works with the newer Tbird versions, and there is no replacement.
The problem is larger than one extension -- Tbird's address book display has become buggy and there is a real need for improvement, including the ability to copy text.
It is very sad that this is no longer working.



I have used this add-on for some time and found it very useful indeed. I keep all my customer addresses in Thunderbird address book and this add-on was the only way to copy the name and address in one click. Unfortunately it no longer works in Thunderbird 45.2.0 and as far as I can see there has been no development since 2011. Is it still being supported?


非常に優れた開発者(speedball2001)が、★5の評価(June 4, 2011)を与えていたので、注目しました。



Very useful.


OMG, I've cursed the lack of this feature a thousand times. I almost changed email/address books just because of this alone. Dude! Where can I send you money?


Great extension ! !
THE missing feature from Thunderbird is corrected thanks to this add-on.

Add the function Copy from the list of contacts (to copy all the information of the contact quickly -same thing as "Select All + Copy selection") and I give you the fifth star.
Still a great job as it is ! !
Thanks for that .




I've been using this for several months with no issues - and saved a lot of extra keystrokes - thanks.

How's about some paste functions as well? I mean, the number of times I have to split up an address and paste each line into TB's contact properties, not to mention email & tel numbers on different tabs. Dragging items between address fields doesn't work (it copies!). It must be possible:-
1. User recognizes address/tel/email is missing. Clicks on it: opens relevant tab in Properties.
2. User copies address from wherever (Word, web...), and paste is handled intelligently, putting the right lines in the right TB fields.
3. User saves contact; Properties closes and returns.

I'd use that extension!


I totally agree, those would be cool features. Unfortunately I'm not skilled enough today to implement that kind of thing. Also, I think it would be more difficult than you think to automatically recognize all the different kinds of international phone numbers and address formats.


Hello, thank you for a very useful and very promising addon. However, 1.5 has a few bugs running in TB 7.0.1 on Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit.

1) When a complete address (either private or work) is highlighted and copied using 'Copy Selection' then the second address field (the one without a label) is included even when it's blank. If it's blank it should really be collapsed in the copied text.

2) All of 'Copy Name & Home Address', 'Copy Home Address', 'Copy Name & Work Address' and 'Copy Work Address' produce copied text that has no line breaks in it. E.g. "John Smith1234Main StreetBigtown90210USA".

3) When the Enigmail addon is loaded then Select Address Book Text's right click menu conflicts with Enigmail's menu on the email address field. Only Enigmail's menu appears and Select Address Book Text's does not.

Hope this is helpful.

Greetings. Thanks for your review. The "Copy Home Address" context menu items are meant to copy the full address and should automatically add line breaks where needed. I can't replicate your problem on Mac platform and have heard no complaints from other users about this. I agree that extra line breaks get inserted if you simply copy a text selection, which is why the context menu items exist.


I was able to install version 1.5 into Thunderbird 6.0.1 today. Just extract the files, and modify the install.rdf file. I set the maxVersion to 7.0, and set the version to 1.5.W (for Wilbur!). Replace the install.rdf file in the .xpi package and install. Initial tests show it is working as expected!


The extension is now marked as compatible with TB6.*, meaning all versions of TB6. You shouldn't have to do anything special.
Sadly, the new upgrade policies for TB are making it hard to keep up.


Is update for TB6 coming up? I know its very recent. Does not seem to work with it.

The extension is marked as compatible with TB6.*. Please update your rating!


Thanks, always thought it was dumb we could not copy the text.
Makes it alot quicker to copy and paste info.
Should be part of FF


No longer works with TB 5.0.


Version 1.5 is now available, and supports TB 5.0.