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F.B. Purity - Cleans Up Facebook


I thoroughly recommend this one if you use Facebook regularly. I've been using it for a while now, since before it became available as a stand-alone extension, and between this and Adblock Plus my Facebook time is now a lot less irritating. Allows configurable removal of application spam from your news feed along with most of the annoying automated events: like someone changing their profile pic again, making friends with someone you've never heard of, or liking a dozen pointless pages for idiots. Also allows removal of Facebook Places notifications, which was a godsend after some of my more excitable friends took to informing the world that they were at work, eating pizza or on the lavatory. Plus it lets you remove most of the really irritating right-hand boxes -- like, for example, the "Get Connected" and "Suggestions" boxes -- so you're no longer constantly subjected to annoyances like incessant whining over how everyone except you uses Friends Finder, or endless pictures of people you don't know but might for some inexplicable reason want to make friends with anyway. You can also resize the default font, which has made things much more pleasant since Facebook arbitrarily decided to set it too small to read without squinting. This is well worth adding and I'm glad to see it's finally available through the normal Firefox add-on process. However, given the regularity with which Facebook rolls out ill-considered changes to its platform you ought to check for updates on the website regularly rather than rely solely on Firefox to notify you that there's a new version on here.




Meh...apologies for my last review. I posted in frustration at being unable to download the third update in a row and only *then* did I find the developer reponse pointing out the third party cookie problem. Enabled third party cookies and it downloaded just fine. This is a very annoying bug; but apologies again to the developer and here's hoping Firephorm buggers up BT's attempts to foist directed advertising on me.