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NetVideoHunter Video Downloader


Did this project die?

Known development was until September, 2011.
Also, their website is died.

Is there someone who could continue this project?

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I like Nibbo so much!

I've been even able to build and add my own Google customized search engine.
You can create your own from here: http://www.google.com/cse/

I think this is the best feature Nibbo has, since I could avoid Google's original search methods by filtering websites and promotions, of course I replaced Original Google search engine with mine version to work with Nibbo!

What I'd like to know is if were possible to add external search engines (not only Google and the others provided by Nibbo by default) and also external Video search engines and how to make them to show previews.

Also, I'd like to know if were possible to add a similar Image search engine to what Google is using (or implement /update it) for Nibbo. In fact, Image search engine method is still better in Google than Nibbo... but I know it has a solution!

Thanks Josep for your work!

NetVideoHunter Video Downloader


Do you think is possible to create/save playlists?

Also (and probably in addition to my last request), would be good to save the "detected videos" list between sessions.

Finally, would be good to have a "Delete" button for each video detected; checkboxes are good, but sometimes they start to be an annoyance. Just one click on a "Delete" button is something faster than checking and then looking for "Remove Selected" button below (most of all when I have this opened in a tab).


PD: Mozilla Add-ons comments editor joins all lines in one. My post looks horribly compressed. Sorry.


Tab Counter


Found a little bug on Version 1.8.8:

"Default location for tab count label in Firefox 4 and up is now at the right end of the tab bar. It can be repositioned if desired".

I can move it, but it changes to its default position (the right end of the tab bar) after a restart.

Please, fix this.


Saved Password Editor


Do you think is possible to add support for sites with special pop-up java login boxes like ImageShack.us?

Thanks in advance!!


Stop Autoplay


I like this add-on, blocks efficiently those Flash elements, although... I see "double blocked boxes with play button" for just 1 flash element in some sites.

I mean... for 1 flash element, this add-on shows 2 boxes like if it were blocking 2 flash elements with the same size.

Jökulsárlón Download Manager


Could you add an option to open this Download Manager on a background tab instead of an active tab, please?
It would be good, since I can still surfing other places while downloads are working on a background tab.

Also, would be good to add some right click features that are available via Download / List menus only.

I found as little bug, when opened in tab, Tools menu link / Navigarion button can't focus Download Manager.

Finally, I agree with "Schiway", Add-on name is quite difficult to keep in mind.

Thanks for all!


Stylish - Custom themes for any website


promythius, you have to learn how these addons work (I'm adding Greasemonkey and Autopager).

Greasemonkey is an Script Manager, so you need to install scripts for this from http://userscripts.org/ or make your own script.

Autopager is a "Next Page" loader for some websites, it needs rules from http://www.teesoft.info/aprules/list/ or add your own rule.

Stylish is a CSS manager, it needs styles from http://userstyles.org/ (search for something like Google, Youtube, Firefox, etc), if you want, you can create your own style for any Firefox feature or website feature.


Hide Titlebar


Would be good to customize buttons position.
You know one of the newest eatures in Firefox 3.7 is "TABS ON TOP".

In this case, to move close,maximize and minimize buttons to tabbar is a feature needed.

Thank you so much!!




So transparent (like crystal).

Would be better something like Windows 7 transparency gives (diffusion of all elements behind the window).

DownThemAll! AntiContainer


Any chance for Facebook?


DownThemAll! AntiContainer


Any chance for Facebook?


Plain Text to Link


Not compatible with 3.5, 3.6 and 3.7
Please update!!

Speed Dial


Thanks for this awesome Add-on, it works very good.

I have a little request for you... could you add a scrolling option, please?

I have a lot of dial slots and I want to add more, the problem is that... when I add one more columns/lines, the thumbnails are shrink. I found this quite disgusting.

If you add an option (like checkbox) for making scrolling, I could add more lines/columns and my dial slots will have the same size ever.

One more time.. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!


Translation Panel


This version works on Firefox 3... the real problem is that THIS RELEASE VERSION HAS THREE LINES (with links to LaunchPad Website) WRONG. So I edited a "clean by deleting" version compatible with Firefox 3 without XUL parsing errors (but not external links to LaunchPad Website).

The three lines that have quoted those links seem to be bad composed, so my solution was deleting the lines 35, 36, 37 (and, in order to organize, the line 38). Here's the link (so you can view the content of the .XPI file with WinRAR).
Install it manually by Drag & Drop the XPI file into the Firefox Add-ons manager.

(Firefox 3 Compatible without XUL Parsing errors/external links)

Enjoy it!!! (^_^)!