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F.B. Purity - Cleans Up Facebook


On the notifications window, is it possible to hide the likes and see only notifications of comments on my posts?


Update: Thank you, it worked.

For others, who may want the same, enter this CSS code on F. B. Purity:

/* Hide the "Like" and "Reaction" notification lines in the notifications flyout box */
#fbNotificationsFlyout li[data-gt*='"notif_type":"like"'], #fbNotificationsFlyout li[data-gt*='"notif_type":"open_graph_action_like"'], #fbNotificationsFlyout li[data-gt*='"notif_type":"feedback_reaction_generic"'] { display: none }



It's the best of it's kind, because it blocks only the sites I want blocked, and not all sites.

Thank you!




It detects more than other add-ons (while others often fail) and it detects audio files too. Thank you!

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Thumbnail Zoom Plus


How to view an image in its REAL size?

Right now, an image that is say 4000 x 5000 px (larger than my screen) is always shown zoomed out, filling my screen, but like 30% of the real size of the image.

I'd like to press a key and see the image in its real size, cropped.

Edit: Thank you for your reply! Yes, it works, but it opens a new tab, as you said, and then one must click again to zoom. Do you know this Greasemonkey script? It shows the full-size image without opening a new tab.

Thank you for your nice add-on!


Menu Wizard


I gave the new Firefox's "Reader View" function a shortcut, and now it's even more enjoyable.

I use cmd-Y.

Thanks for this add-on!

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Menu Wizard


I had used Menu Editor for years, but it has been abandoned. I'm glad I found this one. It's not only a nice replacement, it's even better! Thank you very much!

Only one issue: Every time I open FF, the first time I right-click anywhere in order to use the contextual menu, the contextual menu takes a bit long to load. This happens only the first time of a right-click, after opening FF. Is this behavior normal?




I use it for downloading videos from different sites. I don't give it 5 stars only because it doesn't rename the videos according to their titles, making it clean, like other downloaders add-ons do. Video files are downloaded with their original file names, which are often very long and strange.

Is there a way to change this? Thanks.


Download YouTube Videos as MP4


Very good, BUT: You cannot start watching the video in a video player while file is being downloaded. You must wait until file download is complete. With DownloadHelper it's possible to watch an incomplete file straight away, you don't have to wait. Why this difference?