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Well, EHtip is already verified, but the problem is that addon change itself AFTER was instaled as verifed. It extract 2 new .db files and change one or more its one files (I didn't bother to find which one)

I made my EHtip working all the time on FF48 and win7.
Here's how:
1. Create new folder somewhere (you need this to keep dictionaries)
2. Add addon to firefox from addons.mozilla site
3. Install it (from firefox) BUT DON'T RESTART!
4. In windows explorer go to "%appdata%\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles.default\extensions\staged (firefox extension/addons could be somewhere else depending on your system - google it). Staged folder is 'temporary' folder for not yet installed addons
5. You'll find .json file and folder '[email protected]'
6. Copy that folder (for example on desktop). This is backup of not changed verified EHtip.
7. In explorer enter in ....extensions folder (see 4.) ; Restart firefox
8. EHtip is installed and works (addon is realy verified)
9. In explorer you'll see that in extensions folder there's no more folder 'staged', and that new folder '[email protected]' is created
10. In FF: tools - addons - extensions - EHtip...options - advanced - user dictionaries - browse to your new folder (from point 1.)
11. In explorer copy en-hr.dict , en-hr.db , hr-en.dict , hr-en.db and install.rdf to that folder
12. Uninstall EHtip - restart FF - install EHtip - restart FF - close FF
13. In explorer delete folder '[email protected]' in ...extensions (see 4.)
14. Copy backup folder '[email protected]' (verified not changed original EHtip) to ....extensions folder
15. Close FF - open FF - check in EHtip options that corectly point to your dictionaries folder

EHtip should work now. Than you may delete copy of '[email protected]' (from 6.)
I'm writing from memory and may forgot something. Maybe you'll need few cycles of installing. But you see the point:
1. You have to create folder for dictionaries and replace two .db files there from installed addon. Try this with FF closed.
2. You have to replace installed '[email protected]' folder with original verified '[email protected]' from 'staged' folder

EHtip's not dead!