Thanks for answering,

Do you have in your plans to make it to work with FF 57?

这个评论是针对附加组件的一个早期版本的(0.5.5)。  对这个附加组件,此用户曾发表过1个评价

If the WebExtensions API doesn't support it, nothing I can do.

As long as FF keeps support for UserChrome.css, you can still manually add the CSS (just stick the mosaic in the same folder as userchrome.css).


Giving this five stars because it works great in PM, although it seems to slow the browser down a little. I think the icons are beautiful, and they enhance my experience.

I recently upgraded to Fx 54, and now I can no longer see the icons in the pull-down menus. It does change the icons in the Add-ons Manager, however, and in dialogs.

(Using Ubuntu 14.04 LTS.)


I'll take a look-see, but before that does
do anything for you?

You can reply to [email protected]

Edit: Yeah I'm getting the same on FF55 and Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.
It's something to do with how FF under Linux renders the menubar, it has been working fine for awhile though.

Possibly in anticipation of 57 Mozilla is changing how it renders the menu? I remember the last time I had this issue, some of the menuitems had icons, now there's none.


And by god is that rotate feature hideous, at-least it's optional.

Okay, I edit my review and give an extra star. But you should probably add a note in the UI telling the user that they need to restart for those settings to take effect.


"Icon-style settings don't change"
If you mean changing between default/faded/etc: you need to restart FF or reload the XUL. They stay cached in memory, nothing I can do (that I know of).

"most of the icons are ugly anyway"
If you want to make an icon set and send it my way, then you may be happier.

"And by god is that rotate feature hideous, at-least it's optional."


пожалуйста исправьте в последних версиях конфликт с дополнением 'Web Search Pro' в 0.5.2 всё работало


Можете ли вы прислать мне скриншоты о том, как он должен выглядеть для вас, и, возможно, настройки расширения для него (about: config)?
"Web Search Pro" не похож на скриншоты даже с чистым профилем, поэтому я просто хочу убедиться.
Каким браузером вы пользуетесь, и используете ли вы многопроцессорную систему?

Can you send me some screenshots of how it should look to you, and possibly the extension settings for it (about:config) ?
"Web Search Pro" doesn't look like the screenshots even with a clean profile, so I just want to make sure.
Which Firefox are you running, and are you using multi-process?

[email protected]


Simplesmente deu uma outra cara ao SeaMonkey, ficou muito mais bonito é prático!


Thank you!


The most want extension for UI enhancer!


Thank you :)


It is not fully disabled. In some places (I don't get the pattern) for enabled checkbox I see both empty squire (like it is disabled) _and_ enabled checkbox icon from your addon (i.e. both of them, but first one is inverted). Example is "Configuration Mania addon, "Browser", "Browser Cache", "Enable cache memory" option.

这个评论是针对附加组件的一个早期版本的(0.4.6)。  对这个附加组件,此用户曾发表过6个评价

Thank you, it's fixed now.

Also if you prefer, you're welcome to email me issues instead of re-doing a review every time ([email protected]).





I have been using your extension since it came out. I have used your extension on a Mac, without a hitch, for the last five years.
It is only on the last version, 0.4.5 and 0.4.6, that I see no buttons at all on the latter and red "X"'s on the former

这个评论是针对附加组件的一个早期版本的(0.4.5)。  对这个附加组件,此用户曾发表过3个评价

Heya, could you try downloading v0.4.6 again, I did some work for another person with OSX and it may also help with your issue. Could you reply to [email protected]

After installing that newer version, and if still no icons, could you check your browser console for any msgs from chrome://cutebuttons


Edit: tested and working on OS X 10.11


I've been using Cute Buttons for as long as I can remember, I love buttons and these really help.

Unfortunately, this version 0.4.5 doesn't work for me on my Mac in either Firefox (v.42) or Thunderbird (v.38.5). Also, in FF, it somehow replaced at least two of my buttons from Toolbar Buttons. Reverting to Cute Buttons 0.4.0 obviously makes it work for me again (I'd already previously fixed the signing override in about:config).

I'm not going to down-star the extension as I've never before had a bug with it and this is the first time in years it's not worked. I'm guessing (and hoping!) the dev will find a way to fix it :)


I'd love to try, I do not have a mac around so if you wouldn't mind some back and forth with email ([email protected]).

when you first start ff on osx could you open the Browser/Javascript Console (the default key combo under windows is ctrl+shift+j or tools>web developer>browser console)

would one of those buttons be "Downloads"? I can see that one getting changed, but as for the other? Also I assume this is on Linux/Windows?

Also I don't know if it'll work, but I have developed a (hopefully) more permanent solution to not having the extension get unsigned after restarting ff, so it may work better for osx or it may not make any difference.



When installed with "Classic theme restorer" in their addon panels i.e. the loading images don't show and with "Hide Caption Titlebar Plus" the close button, minimize are replaced with some unattractive buttons imo than the hctp defaults. Otherwise this extension in its class rules.


I have to say I not sure what you mean by "When installed with "Classic theme restorer" in their addon panels i.e. the loading images don't show", could you email me a screenshot and or your CTR prefs? [email protected]

Also I took a look-see in CTR options, but I didn't happen to see "Hide Caption Titlebar Plus". I'm probably just blind, but could you include where that is?



I'm sorry to say that, but 0.4.5 isn't working well with Thunderbird since the last update. That's what happens if you don't adequately test new versions! For your information, this has nothing to do with icons, but with TB as a whole, which is now completely blocked by CB.


Well I do have to admit, I didn't test too well, I also can't say I use TB much too often. I don't suppose you're offering?

If you wouldn't mind trying this file out, it should hopefully fix all the missing TB icons
if you happen to find some other icons wrong or missing [email protected] (addons or otherwise)


>For your information, this has nothing to do with icons, but with TB as a whole, which is now completely blocked by CB.
Seems to work ok here? what do you mean blocked, and what version of TB/which OS are you running?


Hi ChoGGi

Really love this Add-On and been using it for years, but the new restrictions since FF43 are becoming an issue.
As you and some have said, reinstalling 0.4.0 does initially indicate that it has passed the 'signed' check after a restart. But a subsequent restart again, and the 'could not be verified' error returns ... same also with your 0.4.5 version.
Hope you can fix these once Mozilla get through the AMO's

这个评论是针对附加组件的一个早期版本的(0.4.0)。  对这个附加组件,此用户曾发表过1个评价

Well I just had an epiphany of stupidity of why the "not signed" comes up only after rebooting Firefox.

when an extension is signed it has a manifest.mf (along with other files) added and since CB changes content/mosaic.png to the mosaic you use, then manifest.mf has a different hash stored for mosaic.png.

Yea, I'm kicking myself over this one :)


Das Addon wird stets wieder deaktiviert, da es von FF nicht verifiziert werden kann.


The next version is in Queue Position: 23 of 85. It's the holidays so expect approval from AMO to take some time.
(been at 36 for about 2 weeks)

Although, when I download the addon from AMO; it seems to be properly signed, so maybe try downloading again.

Happy Holidays

Die nächste Version ist in der Warteschlange Position: 23 von 85. Es ist der Urlaub so erwarten Zustimmung von AMO einige Zeit dauern.
(bei 36 für ca. 2 Wochen)

Obwohl, wenn ich laden Sie das Addon von AMO; so scheint es, um richtig zu unterzeichnen, vielleicht versuchen Sie es erneut herunterzuladen.

Schöne Ferien


I had to edit my review. I came here to inform that the latest FF update (43.0.2) disabled this addon. I simply re-installed CuteButtons and it is working again. Thank goodness. I have been using this addon for so many years. FF almost seemed naked w/out it.


There's a new version coming soon, hopefully it'll be signed. the last two versions are fully reviewed, but they didn't sign them (Queue Position: 26 of 87)

Till then about:config and xpinstall.signatures.required set to false will allow
you to install unsigned extensions for now or you can go back to v0.3.7 (which is signed)

It's nice that even with a issue you still gave 5 stars, thanks :)


For some reason, starting with FF 43, having cutebuttons icon active prevent icons for search engines being displayed.


hmm, there's another person with that issue, do you also have Classic Theme Restorer installed or use Cyberfox Browser?

could you reply to [email protected]?


This is one of my favorite interface changes.

This is not the safest solution. But it will get you by until the signed version is out.

In about:config change xpinstall.signatures.required to false.



In version 0.3.8 button for open new tabs looks like green cross. In version 0.4.0 - like grey trapeze.
Green cross better


Replacing the new tab button was a mistake, since it has an icon.
I just reverted it back to the regular icon, but tell you what if there's another review complaining about it; I'll try to replace it (properly working this time)

In the meantime add this to UserChrome.css http://kb.mozillazine.org/index.php?title=UserChrome.css

.tabs-newtab-button{-moz-image-region:rect(192px 448px 208px 432px)!important;list-style-image:url("chrome://cutebuttons/content/mosaic.png")!important}
.tabs-newtab-button:hover{-moz-image-region:rect(192px 192px 208px 176px)!important}


I realize that there has been no new version for over 2 years but I want to alert users that v0.3.3 causes a number of problems with FF 28 and 29. Menus like Bookmarks often display incomplete and half lines. In FF 29 though, preference screens are so truncated that you cannot see all items at the bottom of the preference window. I wish there would be an update but probably not.


I don't seem to have any of those issues, probably extensions interfering with each other?


Ест много памяти!
High memory usage!
~40 MB


this extension sticks icons all over firefox, you should expect your memory usage to increase
FF 31.0 Win7 x64 16GB (fresh firefox install):
with Private Bytes:137MB Working Set:151MB
without Private Bytes:123MB Working Set:139MB

there's other extensions that have less icons if you don't want high memory usage, so change low rating?