Arabic spell-checking dictionary 版本历史

7 个版本



版本 3.2.20120321 805.7 KiB

Updated to version 3.2 (2012-03-21) of Ayaspell, with a better-compressed dictionary.

版本 3.0.20110301 1.4 MiB

New upstream version 3 is now available, with expanded dictionary. Thanks to Taha Zerrouki.

版本 2.0.20080110.1 303.0 KiB

Added <em:unpack> tag, required for some odd reason by Firefox 4.

版本 2.0.20080110 303.0 KiB

This version is much much lighter, but it requires hunspell so it can work only with new firefox or thunderbird. According to Arabic speakers (not me) it is as complete and more exact than the previous Buckwalter-based version.

版本 1.2b1 3.4 MiB