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Remove Duplicates

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It does something but doesn't seem to accomplish anything on Thunderbird 68.2.2. Only the right-click menu item shows, but there are no preferences. When I select it from the right-click menu, the result is a popup that says "Could not find any duplicate messages in the selected folders.".

Edit 1:
The other clones of RD plugin in earlier versions of TB did find duplicates in the same circumstances. Also the preferences do NOT appear in Thunderbird Menu > Add-ons and Tools > Add-on Preferences
If that helps, I am using TB for Mac.

Edit 2:
The add-on preferences don't show neither in Add-on Preferences, nor in the Add-ons pane.
Also in my config there are leftovers from the original add-on from the time it was using it with an earlier version of TB, so in fact I do have saved preferences. These are not taken into count.

Last but not least, thanks for trying to help.

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Keychain Services Integration

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Can you make this wonderful extension to work with Thunderbird 5 please?

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Keychain Services Integration

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I tried the new version 1.0b1 with the bumped compatibility levels with Thunderbird 3.1 on OS X 10.5. Worked fine on both Intel and PPC G4 platforms without (major) problems.

Thanks and best regards

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