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Emoji Menu

評分: 4 / 5 顆星

Allows you to insert all the current emoji you want to annoy your friends with. :) Unfortunately, only handles black and white emoji, rather than allowing color. Hoping that will be enabled sooner than later.

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評分: 5 / 5 顆星

Allows just enough customization for signature placement to be ideal. Handles randomized information for which signature to use out of a very large list quite well.


評分: 5 / 5 顆星

I have had decidedly few problems with Lightning other than the occasional delay for updates to the newest version of TB that seem to roll out VERY frequently.

However, using my Android phone I've come to realize a problem with the sync'ed calendars across the three platforms. The Android calendar tool sets the 'tentative' attendance flag by default. In order to be far more functional, Lightning needs to be rewritten only slightly so that the evaluation logic changes. Instead of checking the attendance type flag (confirmed/tentative/not going) first, there needs to be additional logic built in: is the person the only attendee listed on the event. If so, ignore the status flag. If not, then evaluate that flag for display coloration. That way, when I create dozens of little personal events for my personal calendar, or I create events for my professional calendar that are solely for me, it doesn't make it look like I belong in a mental institution for creating events for myself that I might or might not be attending.

Otherwise, it has been a terrific tool for me, and with the expansion of Android, my life has become MUCH more organized because of this add on and TB. Thank you so very much!

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Thunderbird Conversations

評分: 2 / 5 顆星

...of the Gmail type threaded-conversations, if you like that. However, on installing, I was told by the system that I had to delete the global-messages-db.sqlite file twice because I had 'too many messages' to cope with. It broke Thunderbrowse which made doing things internal to Thunderbird more difficult when dealing with certain Internet-activity-centric emails. There wasn't any apparent option to include a 'Reply' or 'Actions' button on the top of the conversation, so you had to scroll down to the bottom of potentially long messages with longer sigs to find them. Uninstalled, and now Thunderbrowse still doesn't work, and attachments are no longer shown 'in line' as they were defaulted prior to this. I recommend it only for folk that are just starting out with their connection, and have limited need for 'other' functions in TB.

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評分: 5 / 5 顆星

THANK YOU!!! I'm trying to force myself to use Linux more and more, and having access to the 64bit XPI for Linux means that now I have that many fewer reasons to try and keep using Windows. This is by far my most used add-on. Thank you again!

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Google Contacts

評分: 5 / 5 顆星

This is by far the best, easiest means of keeping your Google contacts synched and managed via TB. There is also now the .60 version available at the developer's blog which handles TB 3.0.

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評分: 2 / 5 顆星

Don't know why, but this add-on specifically managed to remove the text for 'File', 'Edit', 'View' and some of the items in those menus themselves in TB 3.0. Removing it cleared up the problem. Also, it doesn't seem to support having multiple address books and keeping them separated by email address; it just wants to merge them all into one big happy address book. When handling personal and business emails through one interface, this is not a benefit.

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