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Marathi Dictionary

This dictionary is based on the Marathi word list provided

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Hindi Pop up 需要重新啟動

After installing this extension, just hover the mouse on top of an English word and a pop-up will appear with suggestions of possible hindi equivalents.

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Wikipedia description

Wikipedia short description

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評分: 5 / 5 顆星

Thanks for such an useful extension.
Here is a hindi dictionary that can be used with this extension.

1) Install extension:

2) download English-hindi dictionary from:
(Right click on the above link and choose save target as...)
Save this file in a new folder. For e.g. c:\hindi

Hindi-English dictionary is available as well.

3) Tools - addons - ingniya - options - advanced - folder with user dictionary - choose the path mentioned above (c:\hindi)

4) Restart firefox.

You will see the screens like following:

If you click on one of the words shown in the hindi options, it will replace the original english word as shown here: