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加入日期 March 5, 2007
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Is It Compatible?

評分: 5 / 5 顆星

I am very happy with this add-on; great job, thanks! I hope you will consider making a version for Thunderbird too. I'd imagine that they should be very similar, no?

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Auto Zip Attachments

評分: 4 / 5 顆星

Just found out about this great extension. I'm adding my voice to the request to update for TB3. Thanks!

Edit As New

評分: 5 / 5 顆星

Great extension. I can't find a similar button in Toolbar Buttons extension. Please update this for TB3!


評分: 1 / 5 顆星

Very difficult to find support, but this extension really needs it!

I've installed Snarl plus this extension, and I can't get them to play nicely together (and w/ T-bird).

There is great potential here, but so far I am not able to make it work.

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