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I also like the nice subtle color.

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Folderpane Tools

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I see some of the reviews say that the add on doesn't work. It does for me.

Thunderbird 13.0.1

Auto Zip Attachments

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I loathe updating only to find out some of my add-ons don't work. One of the more useful out there, someone with more skill than I needs to get this add-on to work with Thunderbird 5.0

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I went from not being able to open a link in an external browser (Firefox) to having every single gif open as a tab. I should note I had to add a string in Thunderbird config (network.protocol-handler.external.http;true) to get the external browser to open, but between the two something isn't right.

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Auto Zip Attachments

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Zorro's hack appears to work with Thunderbird 3.1.4. Now if I could only get Mozbackup to work with TB
by zorro3210 on May 31, 2010 #

Modifed xpi = http://www.megaupload.com/?d=1WDSFIJB