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Disable Add-on Compatibility Checks

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still a good idea but TB seems to have changed the names of the compatibility check keys in about:config - I managed to switch off by going in a toggling also the keys with "saved" in them...this could be a drag to do for every daily update though!


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this is really essential if you want to keep your profile folders to a "reasonable" size - e.g. if you want to take your data on a stick etc. It allows you to move old ( I'm talking > 4 years old!) data to another folder so you can then easily sync your data with your usb
stick and carry with you. THANKS SO MUCH
(edit:: will also testi with earlybird and daily updates and see if it work on them as well...

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QuickFolders (Tabbed Folders)

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in conjunction with virtual folders this is an invaluable add-on. What I have really been impressed by is the speed of bug-fixing especially when "bugs" are introduced as a result of TB daily updates - essentially some changes in TB making the add-on no longer compatible. This has happened recently several updates in a row and the author has quickly turned around with pre-release versions to deal with the new TB code

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Attachment Reminder

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I found this handy when it was working but it has stopped working for IMAP from ThunderBird 17 on. IMAP send hangs the mail compose windows

Remove Duplicate Messages

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I've tried both this and "remove duplicate messages (alternate)" .This addon works best because it allows more fields to be checked. It finds many more dupes than alternate, and because you can check the message body too, you can be positive that the results are correct and just hit the delete dupes button when the results window appears.

FYI Thorsten: I am currently using TB daily (24.x) , TB EarlyBird and TB 17.x and it works on all of these

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Color Folders

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this is great. however I am currently also using earlybird & daily and it is not working on those, so as it stands it won't work on a future release of Thunderbird that comes from EarlyBird

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Forecastfox Weather

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I have no reason to give other than 100% for this. I am using FF 16.0.1 on Windows 7 64bit and have no problems as others have reported. switched to london etc and all working as I want it now. very timely as igoogle is being retired @ end of month and that was my prev. weather forecast tool


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My feedback is nothing but positive. This is a great add-on and very intuitive. Important when you just quickly want to add a reminder to an email if you're in a rush. The fact that it seamlessly works on FF as well is a bonus.

Also I liked the fact that you can specify a seperate file location for the reminderfox file - means it can easily be shared/synced between computers

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MinimizeToTray For FF 3.5

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stylin' ! working perfectly with 3.0