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Remove Duplicate Messages

評分: 4 / 5 顆星

TB 68.3.0 in macOS 10.13.6. Can't find the preference window in Tools/Add-on/Preferences.

The workaround is to use the config editor or add the Remove Duplicate button into the toolbar.

此意見為舊版本 (0.4.1) 的附加元件。 

Remove Duplicates

評分: 3 / 5 顆星

It seems to detect the duplicated message. But as a previous reviewer pointed out, I can't find the preference menu in either Thunderbird/Preference nor in Toos/Add-on Preference.

TB 68.3.0 in macOS 10.13.6

此意見為舊版本 (1.5) 的附加元件。